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Works of Radical Imagination

Our weekly Remote Readings, which feature authors, translators, and friends, take place every Thursday night at 7pm EST. 

Visit the Seven Stories Facebook page to catch the evening live stream, or visit our Instagram to tune into the reading on IGTV. 


Remote Reading Series #9: 

Lee Stringer, author of Sleepaway SchoolGrand Central Winter, and, with Kurt Vonnegut, Like Shaking Hands With God. Lee reads from Vonnegut's graduation speech 'The Terrible Disease of Loneliness Can Be Cured,' pulled from Vonnegut's collected graduation speeches, If This Isn't Nice, What Is?

*PS. Make sure to catch Lee Stringer in our final Virtual Grad Party, Vonnegut-Style, in partnership with The Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library. Free for students!*


Purchase books by Lee Stringer here:
Purchase "If This Isn't Nice, What Is?" here:

Remote Reading Series #8: 

Youssef Rakha reads from his 2014 novel The Crocodiles, "a collage-form account, told in paragraph-length, numbered passages that read like diary entries, about a generation of young writers and artists in Cairo. This novel is exuberant with the passions and energies of youth, and what young people endured to become artists and activists during the Mubarak regime from just before the turn of the millennium until the revolution and disillusioning aftermath of the Arab Spring." (Library Journal)

Grab a copy here:

Remote Reading Series #7:

Patrice Vecchione presents the introduction to her new book My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice: A Guide to Writing Poetry and Speaking Your Truth, the ultimate teen writing guide, encouraging people both young and old to find their voices, step up and speak their truths, and articulate what matters to them most––both personally and politically––whether it be boldly to an outside audience or just privately for themselves.

Grab a copy of My Shouting, Shattered, Whispering Voice here:

Grab a copy of her previous book with us, Ink Knows No Borders: Poems of the Immigrant and Refugee Experience here:

Remote Reading Series #6:

Suzanne McConnell reads a short passage, titled "Sanctuary," from her book Pity the Reader: On Writing with Style, a guide to writing that she co-authored with her former professor at Iowa Writers' Workshop, Kurt Vonnegut.

Grab a copy of Pity the Reader here:

Remote Reading Series #5:

Remote Reading Series #4:

Khary Lazarre-White, co-founder of the organization Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis), joins us once again to read from his powerful, genre-bending novel Passage.

"Passage is a work of great originality, pain, and aching beauty. Its protagonist, Warrior, a sensitive, haunted and haunting young man, bears the burden of history: the past is always near, shaping and informing present realities of black boys like himself. As he traverses a dystopian urban landscape, one that is both surreal and all too real, he encounters the depth of Black Rage, the persistence of Black Death, and the tremendous capacity of Black Love." –Farah Jasmine Griffin

Purchase a copy of Passage here:

Remote Reading Series #3:

Kia Corthron reads from her novel The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter, winner of the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize. 

“Kia Corthron’s first novel is a stunning achievement by any measure—a riveting saga of two twentieth-century American families trapped inside the quotidian contradictions and compulsions of race, disability, and sexuality. The untidiness of history is conveyed through experiences, dreams, and inevitable eruptions of violence, yet also unexpected patterns of escape and possible orbits of justice.” –Angela Y. Davis

Purchase a copy of The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter here:

Remote Reading Series #2:

Khary Lazarre-White, co-founder of the organization Brotherhood/Sister Sol (Bro/Sis), reads from his powerful, genre-bending novel Passage.

“Powerful, lyrical and evocatively written, Passage is a transportive story of love and survival, a walk in the shoes of a young man negotiating an uncertain present, a painful past and the promising future he may never have. A stunning debut.” –Terence Winter, creator and executive producer, Boardwalk Empire

Purchase a copy of Passage here:

Remote Reading Series #1:

Alex DiFrancesco reads from their novel All City, a surprisingly hopeful story of everyday people trying to survive and build community in a near-future New York City ravaged by climate change and wealth inequality.

Purchase a copy of All City here:

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