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Happenings at Seven Stories Press

January 24

by D. D. Guttenplan

Why didn’t we see it coming? And by “we” I include not just the media—mainstream, lamestream, the entire spectrum from, say, The Nation on the left to Commentary and National Review on the right. But also those supposedly hard-nosed empiricists at FiveThirtyEight and the wiseguys (since this was mostly guys) at the New York Times’s TheUpshot, none of whom gave Trump a better than one in three chance of winning.

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January 17

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“The course of history does bend toward justice,
but it must be gripped hard by those who seek it.”
- Justin Sayre

In a few days, our great nation will officially put a man into office. We all know who that man is, and his name strikes great chords of fear and confusion within our democracy. But it is not his name we fear, it’s what he represents.

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January 11

We mourn the death of our friend and author Nat Hentoff, a great man, deeply principled, intolerant of intolerance.

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January 10

Ricardo Piglia, one of Argentina’s greatest writers, is dead. In 2013, we published Piglia’s afterword to Rodolfo Walsh’s Operation Massacre. It contains not only a penetrating analysis of Walsh’s book,

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