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Word Up and La Casa Present: Afterschool Chat with Innosanto Nagara

November10 at Word Up Community Bookshop in New York, NY


Come by after school and meet author Innosanto Nagara! He wrote A is for ActivistCounting on Community, and My Night at the Planetarium, and will be sharing his new book, The Wedding Portrait, a story for kids ages 6 to 10 about standing up for what's right.

The Wedding Portrait containt stories of direct action from around the world—from indigenous people in Colombia blocking an oil company from destroying their environment, to Claudette Colvin taking a seat in the front of the bus to protest racism. Through bright pictures and inspiring words, Innosanto explains the meaning of "blockade," "boycott," "civil disobedience," and other ways that ordinary people have said "No!" to unfair treatment.

As with many of his past books, Innosanto created the story for his own son, and he is happy to answer questions from audience members of all ages after the reading. All books will be available for sale.

November10, 4.00pm

2113 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10032 United States