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Seven Stories Press

Works of Radical Imagination

Seven Stories is celebrating the last few weeks of 2018 with our biggest sale of the year! From now until January 1st, 2019, enjoy 50% off almost all our titles, along with free shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Each discounted book purchased before January 1st comes with a complimentary e-book version of the same title, so you can read it in whatever format you prefer. Whether you’re buying holiday gifts for friends and family or shopping for yourself, you’re bound to find something great. Check out our featured collections of half-price titles below to get started, or else browse our books page to search by date, imprint, or subject.

Howard Zinn: A People's Historian

An unassuming historian who changed our basic assumptions about history, Howard Zinn made his greatest subject not war but peace. After his experience as a bombardier in World War II, he became convinced that there could be no such thing as a “just war,” as the vast majority of modern warfare’s victims are innocent civilians.

Books that Shook the World

Perhaps no other small press has brought to light so many titles that moneyed interests have wanted to keep down—for reasons of censorship, squeamishness, or just bad blood. From Gary Webb's Dark Alliance, which drew links between the CIA and the crack cocaine explosion in the '90s, to Noam Chomsky's 9-11, read by millions but ignored by major U.S. papers when it was originally published in November, 2001, to Angela Davis's Abolition Democracy, which discusses the abolition of prison as well as Davis's own incarceration, and her experiences as "enemy of the state," here is a collection of books that are sure to provoke. 

Beyond Words: Graphic Novels and More

In the beginning, there was the word . . . . Then after that, there were graphic novels. (At least we think that's how the gospel goes.) From the groundbreaking Graphic Canon of Literature series to Elizabeth Swados's moving and hilarious My Depression, you can find our great illustrated and artistic books of all stripes in this collection.

Radical Women

Celebrate women's history with radical titles penned by some of our favorite women and non-binary poets and authors. Featuring fiction from authors like Kate Braverman, Octavia Butler, Assia Djebar, and Annie Ernaux, and non-fiction from greats like Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Shere Hite, Rebecca Chalker, Arundhati Roy, Cathy Wilkerson, Bernadine Dohrn, and so many more.

(Un)natural Forms: Books About Our Bodies and Our Planet

A healthy body and a healthy planet go hand in hand. The titles in this collection span topical scientific advancements, environmental activism, exposés of past and present controversial chemical usages, and methods for fostering a stronger connection with nature, even as society seems to be further from the natural world than ever before.


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