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Book cover for You Are Everything
Book cover for You Are Everything

Inspired by a Rumi poem, this mystical picture book for young readers emphasizes the vast inter-connectedness of the world and each of us.

you thought:
What if I try a little...

And as soon as you thought it,
it started to happen.
(That’s how powerful you are!)
Whatever you thought of,
you started to become!

You Are Everything takes readers on a journey that begins before the existence of space and time and ends in the present day. Illustrated by Iranian-American artist Shilla Shakoori, the story is a cosmically inclusive embrace of our interconnectedness. 

With each turn of the page your transformation unfolds from a being that just is to one that becomes the world around us. And if you can take a moment off from all the doing that you do, author Arabian suggests, and let yourself simply be, you may realize that you are not just one person -- you are also everything in the universe.

Readers who love Rumi and stories from Persian mystics or anyone interested in mindfulness and a greater awareness of being in the world will love You Are Everything.


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Book cover for You Are Everything
Book cover for You Are Everything

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“This beautiful book is a rhythmic love song; a contemplation on the circular dance of being, becoming, doing and the power to just be. Within each page lies an invitation to dream, aspire, and wonder about what makes each of us special and how we are all connected, beyond human form, to planetary forces and the vastness of the universe.”

Omid Arabian

Iranian-American mystic and teacher Omid Arabian is the founder and director of the YOUniversal Center, where he conducts courses in Mysticism for adults and children. His translations of Rumi's poetry have been published in three volumes, and his work The Donkey's Gone takes a Rumi story and adapts it for children. He is based in the Los Angeles area.

SHILLA SHAKOORI is a contemporary artist from Tehran, Iran, currently based in Los Angeles. Shakoori's artistic output springs from an exploration of the synthesis between her native and adopted cultures. It was through the border-transcending influence of Rumi that Shakoori began to fully connect to her cultural heritage, though she also credits the influence of contemporary artists, such as LA painter Alexandra Grant.