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Get Healthy Now!

A Complete Guide to Prevention, Treatment, and Healthy Living

by Amy McDonald and Gary Null

Book cover for Get Healthy Now!
Book cover for Get Healthy Now!Book cover for Get Healthy Now!

National Bestseller

Contributions by Amy McDonald

The fully revised and updated edition to the national bestseller Get Healthy Now! includes new research and nutritional advice for treating allergies, Diabetes, PMS, Andropause, and everything in-between. From healthy skin and hair to foot and leg care, and featuring an up-to-date Alternative Practitioners Guide, Get Healthy Now! is your one-stop guide to becoming healthier from top to bottom, inside and out.

Let "the new Mr. Natural" (Time magazine) show you the best alternatives to drugs, surgical intervention, and other standard Western techniques. Drawing from methods that have been supported by thousands of years of use in other societies, as well as more recent discoveries in modern medicine, this comprehensive guide to healthy living offers a wide range of alternative approaches to help you stay healthy.

Book cover for Get Healthy Now!
Book cover for Get Healthy Now!Book cover for Get Healthy Now!

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“A must-have reference for every healthy bookshelf.”

“I finally gave a book to recommend to my patients. Get Healthy Now! redefines the medicine model by presenting the road to optimal health.”

Amy McDonald

Amy McDonald has worked in medical publishing for nearly twenty years. She has edited many articles in the field and several books, including Women's Health Solutions and the national bestseller Get Healthy Now!, both with Gary Null.

Gary Null

Gary Null, PhD, is one of America’s leading health and fitness writers and alternative practitioners. Trained as a nutritionist, he is the author of dozens of books and hundreds of medical articles. His one-hour health radio program airs daily on WBAI in New York City and globally as a podcast. Null is a former faculty member of the New School for Social Research. Among his many bestselling books are Get Healthy Now! and, with Barbara Seaman, For Women Only!. He lives in New York City and Naples, Florida.

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