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In Our Control

The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women

by Laura Eldridge


Forward by Jennifer Baumgardner

The efficacy and risks of different birth control options are dramatically different today from what they once were thanks to scientific advances and increased awareness of STDs and other factors. In the most comprehensive book on birth control since the 1970s, women's health activist Laura Eldridge discusses the history, scientific advances, and practical uses of everything from condoms to the male pill to Plan B.

Do diaphragms work? Should you stay on the Pill? What does fertility awareness really mean? What about the history and scientific research behind IUDs? Find these answers and more in In Our Control, the definitive guide to modern contraceptive and sexual health. Eldridge presents her meticulous research and unbiased consideration of our options in the intimate and honest tone of a close friend. She goes on to explore large-scale issues that might factor into women's birth control choices, urging her readers to consider the environmental impacts of each method and to take part in a dialogue on how international reproductive health issues affect us all.

Whether you're looking for your first birth control method or want to know more about your current contraceptive choice, In Our Control offers the information and practical wisdom you'll need to make empowered decisions about your sexual health.


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“Laura Eldridge's new book In Our Control: The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women (Seven Stories Press, 2010) isn't kidding with that subtitle. The last time I remember reading so much detail about contraceptive options was poring over Our Bodies, Ourselves when I was in my 20s … This is women's health activism at its best.”

“Straightforward, nonjudgmental, and honest … Eldridge walks readers through the thought process within her critiques, which allows the reader to become a smart consumer of contraceptive options … [Her] fresh voice was apparent on every page of In Our Control, and evoked the pro-woman, community-oriented feel of a volume of Our Bodies, Ourselves.”

“I couldn't put In Our Control down. Reading Laura Eldridge's history about contraception blew my mind. We cannot allow pharmaceutical companies to endanger women lives! This book is about to regalvanize the women's health revolution!”

“Laura Eldridge carries on the torch of women's health advocacy with this important new book. Without all the facts in front of you, the contraceptive choices of today's woman can be daunting rather than freeing. Laura Eldridge provides an eye-opening history of the issues women's health advocates have fought for, and assesses where we stand today.”

“Combining medical evidence, personal stories, and historical details, Eldridge has produced a wonderfully engaging and accessible book that will help women navigate today's contraceptive maze.”


LAURA ELDRIDGE is a women’s health writer and activist. She is the author of In Our Control: The Complete Guide to Contraceptive Choices for Women, the co-author of The No-Nonsense Guide to Menopause, and co-editor of Voices of the Women's Health Movement. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.