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Translated by Sonia Soto

Internationally celebrated author Almudena Grandes has produced her finest work yet with The Wind from the East, a blend of two narratives set alternately in Madrid and an Andalusian town by the sea. Sara Gómez Morales, given up at birth to be raised by her wealthy godmother, is betrayed on her sixteenth birthday when she is forced to leave her godmother’s home and return to live in poverty with her estranged parents. Tortured by resentment and the loneliness of belonging to neither place, she finds solace as an adult only when she moves to the coastal town.

Parallel to Sara’s story is the story of Juan and Damian Olmedo, brothers in love with the same woman. Suspected of murdering his younger brother, Juan flees to the same village that served as Sara’s escape. Deftly engaging, The Wind from the East is an epic tale of love and redemption. Almudena Grandes' writing has been compared to the work of classic and contemporary voices such as the Brontë sisters and Isabel Allende.


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“In her fifth novel, Grandes reaches the peak of her powers. This magnificent saga of shipwrecked lives grips from the first sentence and weaves parallel intrigues of memory and survival, money and revenge. . . . Here, she has perfected her ability to leap between stories and epochs.”

“This novel confirms Almudena Grandes as one of Spain's leading writers. She reveals herself a powerfully perceptive writer who understands the subtleties of human nature . . . this is a hugely intelligent, wise novel. . . . It is not until the last pages that the reader is released from suspense and discovers the final effect of the east wind.”

The Wind from the East will sweep the reader away with its literary force, rhythm, and narrative structure, drawing you in with a distillation of human passions that are almost always in conflict with each other.”


At the age of twenty-nine Almudena Grandes won the Premio La Sonrisa Vertical for Las edades de Lulú (The Ages of Lulu) in 1989. The cinematic adaptation, starring Javier Bardem, was released the following year. Grandes is now one of Spain’s best-selling authors, and her work has been translated into more than twenty languages. A regular commentator, Grandes has written for such publications as the Guardian, El País, and the New Yorker. She lives in Madrid.