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Illustrated by Edward Ardizzone

Boisterous, witty, and enchanting, this collection of children’s poems by ROBERT GRAVES—with iconic drawings by Edward Ardizzone—will delight any young reader. First published over fifty years ago, this is a faithful reproduction of the 1964 original that was published in the United States and Great Britain. Seven poems evoke the world of Victorian England and include the story of Ann, “the third-but-youngest child of seventeen,” who runs away to live at a duke’s palace; a valentine in verse; a battle of words lost in translation between King George II and the Chinese Emperor; a bedside visit to a little girl from her doctor; and a lively argument between young Caroline and Charles that sounds a lot like twenty-first century banter between children. Ann at Highwood Hall will thrill scholars of Robert Graves, collectors of classic children’s books, illustrators, historians, and poetry lovers of all ages.

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Robert Graves (1895–1985) was a preeminent English poet, novelist, critic, translator, and scholar of classical mythology. He served in World War I—an experience recounted in his 1929 autobiography, Good-bye to All That—and later became the first professor of English literature at the University of Cairo. Best remembered today for his acclaimed historical novels about the Roman emperor Claudius, I, Claudius and Claudius the God, his other books include The White Goddess, The Hebrew Myths, and Collected Poems.