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The end of Roe v. Wade is coming. With Justice Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court, it is only a matter of time until Trump's new appointment tips the court to the right, opening up the opportunity to challenge what many thought was a settled issue. As reproductive rights journalist and author Robin Marty points out, the fight for abortion access is far from settled: it has been going on for centuries, especially for marginalized groups. But soon abortion access is going to be more limited than ever—maybe even illegal. In this comprehensive and user-friendly handbook Marty lays out the worst-case scenarios in a post-Roe America and shows how to fight them—by providing financial support, by organizing or joining existing networks, and when necessary by working outside the legal system. Marty addresses every issue you've thought of and some you probably haven't, including:
  *   Planning for your own emergencies
  *   How to start organizing now
  *   Creating a support network
  *   Finding your personal cause
  *   What to know about self-managed abortion care with abortion pills and/or herbs
  *   Avoiding surveillance
Handbook for a Post-Roe America also includes an extensive, detailed resource guide of clinics, action groups, abortion funds, and practical support groups in each state, so wherever you live, you can get involved.

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“The future without Roe is coming straight at us. This is the roadmap you need for the tough times ahead.”

“Robin [Marty] has been the writer I turn to for accurate, practical, and optimism-free information about reproductive rights since I started working in the field. She was the first person I asked to spell out the future for abortion after the 2016 election, and now she's done it again in generous detail for all of us. Are you a person who may become pregnant, or do you maybe know a person who fits that description? This book is essential for anyone looking to understand and navigate a world without legal abortion.”

“Our present dystopian truth is scarier than fiction. Marty’s timely book empowers readers with the wide-reaching wisdom and practical guidance needed to govern and care for ourselves (and each other) in the midst of uncertainty. Marty anchors us with tools and resources that help light our way back to freedom as we navigate through the shadows of attacks on reproductive justice.”


Robin Marty is a writer and reporter who covers abortion access and the pro-choice and pro-life movement. She has spent the last decade tracking abortion restrictions, visiting current and former clinic sites and interviewing activists on both sides of the abortion divide. Marty is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, a Women's Media Center SheSource expert on reproductive rights, and an IFund investigative reporter for The Nation Institute. Her work can be found in Cosmopolitan, Politico, the Guardian, and other outlets. Her first book was Crow After Roe: How "Separate But Equal" Has Become the New Standard In Women's Health and How We Can Change That. Marty spent five years as the senior political reporter for Rewire News, a reproductive health and justice news site, where she covered state-based abortion bans and other assaults on reproductive rights. She lives in Minneapolis, MN.