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Book cover for No Blood, No Foul
Book cover for No Blood, No FoulBook cover for No Blood, No Foul

Jason Lewis is a star college basketball player just back from World War II. He's a hero, missing two fingers on his shooting hand. He can't play any longer, so he makes the ultimate ballplayer's sacrifice: he becomes a referee. Set in postwar New York during the founding of what will eventually be the NBA, No Blood, No Foul is the story of a man who must come to terms with a debilitating injury and chase after dreams of perfection in a decidedly imperfect world. Charley Rosen gives us not only a lovingly faithful insiders look at the game of basketball, but a passionate story about what it meant to face life in an America that had lost its innocence.

Book cover for No Blood, No Foul
Book cover for No Blood, No FoulBook cover for No Blood, No Foul

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“Rosen … hits the hardwood in this entertaining sports novel.”

“Rosen, a wonderful sportswriter and novelist . . . is the game's premier evangelist, preaching that basketball can be spiritual and redemptive. The message comes through powerfully in this moving novel about a man who finds peace, order, and a sense of self on the hardwood.”

Charley Rosen

A native of the Bronx and longtime pal of basketball guru Phil Jackson, Charley Rosen led the league in technical fouls during each of his six years as a coach in the now-defunct Continental Basketball Association. Since then he has become the world’s foremost writer of fiction and nonfiction on the subject of basketball, chronicling the drama that takes place both on and off the court. His many novels include The House of Moses All-Stars, a New York Times Notable Book, and Sammy Wong: All-American. His non-fiction works include The Scandals of ’51: How the Gamblers Almost Killed College Basketball and More than a Game, co-written with Phil Jackson. Rosen is a devotee of the Triangle Offense. He lives in Accord, NY.

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